One did not need a college education to understand that nothing is free. Everything has a cost. Why? Because everything is scarce. Scarcity is the primary issue of the study of economics: how people, corporations, governments, and societies as a whole deal with the fact that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” Even if it did, it would be in limited supply – like Georgia peaches, for example.

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Too Good to Be True?

Emotions are the enemy of most investors. Many refer to the emotions of fear and greed as driving the market. While we believe that is over-simplified and many emotions are involved in investing, this framework does provide a helpful message. A year ago we were saying don’t be fearful, while today it is just as important to not be greedy. Stay calm and keep making prudent decisions.

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Second Quarter 2017

The lost decade. Back in 2010 there was a great deal of talk about how the United States stock market had gone nowhere for a decade. Fast forward seven years and we now find ourselves at the top of a very old bull market in US stocks, while the rest of the world has now experienced a lost […]

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