This is Crazy: Tulips, Dot-coms and Bitcoin

My wife loves flowers. Her Mom and Dad both liked digging in the dirt, as they say, and they grew lots of things. This was a little different for me when we first got together; my Mom baked, and she was (still is – though she does it much less now) fantastic at it. While I did not grow up in a home that had lots of flowers, I do understand their value.

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Nothing Lasts Forever

“If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”  – Herbert Stein’s Law

Herbert Stein was an American economist and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. There are not a lot of economists who get laws named after them, but Stein did. It may seem obvious when one simply reads it, but the idea that something which cannot go on forever will stop is not that obvious when one lives it.

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Third Quarter 2017

What could go wrong? Last quarter we discussed the return of international leadership in the capital markets. It seems only right that in a quarter where emerging market stocks went up 8.04 percent that we maintain that focus.

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