Details Still Matter

JOHN WOODEN is arguably the greatest coach of all time. What made him so good? Coach Wooden admitted that he was not the greatest tactician in basketball. He gave Dean Smith credit for being the best teacher of fundamentals he had ever known. He credited his own success to his attention to detail.

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Too Good to Be True?

Emotions are the enemy of most investors. Many refer to the emotions of fear and greed as driving the market. While we believe that is over-simplified and many emotions are involved in investing, this framework does provide a helpful message. A year ago we were saying don’t be fearful, while today it is just as important to not be greedy. Stay calm and keep making prudent decisions.

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First Quarter 2017

We have a new administration who has promised to take us in a new direction. The outline of which most investors have pronounced positive, with their actions if not otherwise. But, ultimately it is about what actually happens and not just promises.

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