Freedom works. Why is this so hard for us to understand? It is in our nature to want to control, to believe that someone has to be in control. This theme runs through every ancient religion, and overcoming that desire to control is central to all of them. Yet capitalism and its political partner, democracy, will always have their critics.

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The Market Is Wrong?

We are still in a market downturn even after Santa tried to come to town on the second day of Christmas. We are even hovering right at bear market territory. This is happening in spite of record low unemployment and real wage growth. All signs are that the real economy within the U.S. is actually doing very well. So, what has the market so upset?

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Second Quarter 2018

Negotiating is almost always ugly, and we have learned to not like haggling. Well, this administration haggles and so do the Chinese. The markets, let’s face it, are dominated by young professionals (or the computers those youngsters program) who never had to bargain for anything.

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