What Did He Just Say?

Diversification in investing is one of the most sacred yet most misunderstood concepts. To some degree this is on purpose. One should never forget that Wall Street is in the transaction business: The more transactions an investor makes, the better, and no concept has led to more transactions than diversification. Real diversification, however, is about carefully selecting investments that are truly different and will likely do well under different circumstances.

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I Was Wrong

In the post-pandemic world, thus far Iron Capital has been spot on in terms of economic forecasts, and that is saying something considering how incredibly wrong most of Wall Street has been. We try to do things differently here: We try to be correct, and that means we have to admit when we are wrong so that we know when it is time to change our minds.

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First Quarter 2024

Inflation is back in the news. The latest reading of the consumer price index (CPI) came in at 3.5 percent. Does this mean all is lost in the Fed’s fight and it is time to sell everything? Of course not.

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