Feel vs. Real

When it comes to investing there are lots of psychological traps into which investors fall. These traps cannot be avoided, but we can be aware of them. Knowing that we are human and subject to the human psychological traps can help us remain humble and self-aware. We can’t avoid the traps, but we can recognize when we are in one and think our way out of it.

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Santa is Coming to Town

After a good year for the market, we seem to be ending on a sour note as the market has been mostly down this month going into the last week of trading. Will it continue or will we have a Santa rally? Only time will tell, but my money is on Santa pulling through.

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Second Quarter 2021

I have said it a thousand times if I have said it once, but the real indicator of how the market feels is not the headline index return, but what is happening under the surface.

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