The Right Way

Where did inflation come from? It came from policymakers simultaneously stimulating demand through government handouts, while also attacking supply. Inflation will not go away until this is reversed. There is more than one right way, but that doesn’t mean there is no wrong way. The current path is wrong, and the faster that is realized by people of all political perspectives, the better off we will be.

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Now What?

In our last Insight I predicted that after the Fed’s rate hike we would see the market sell off and then rally. We got that part right, but now what? Is this the final lasting rally or just another short-lived bump?

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First Quarter 2022

The war in Ukraine has put a fog on the market. The rising cost of oil exacerbates the already high inflation, and there is significant risk of a recession in Europe. China was already having issues with its economy as its regime continues to reverse the liberating reforms.

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