The word competition comes from the Latin word “competere,” which is best translated as, “to strive together.” When true competitors compete, they make each other better. Today too many people think being competitive is about winning at all costs. Competitors do not compete against one another; they compete with one another. They strive together, and in the end, both are made better. This is why capitalism works, and why so many don’t seem to understand that. Competition makes us all better.

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On-Again, Off-Again

This is why so many in the administration have tried to assure us that all this tariff business is just negotiating. They believe in free trade; they just want it to be fairer, and they believe these tactics will help make that happen. I have doubts about this strategy, but I’m pulling for them to work because that would be a better world. I don’t understand people who route against their country.

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Third Quarter 2019

Trade and the Fed: These two items were the top stories of the third quarter. The Fed has begun easing rates to help a slowing economy, but the slow growth is coming from the trade war.

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