No Soup for You!

Iron Capital is a living, breathing firm, and it must grow so that its employees can grow. People need raises, healthcare costs rise – everything is always going up, so we as a firm must grow as well. How do we do so if we don’t have salespeople? I have always believed that if we take care of our clients, then they will take care of us. So we focus entirely on taking care of our clients.

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Inflation is a stranger to many. I wrote an article in 2011 about how hard it was to actually have inflation…yet here we are. Why has inflation suddenly returned, and what can we, as investors, do about it?

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First Quarter 2021

Great expectations often lead to disappointment. No, I’m not talking about the Dickens novel – Pip would never disappoint. I’m talking about real life. We are in the midst of an economic recovery from the reaction to Covid-19, and expectations are getting great.

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The heart and soul of our firm is our passion for what we do and our unique perspective on the forces that affect the markets and shape our investment decisions for your portfolios. Learn more about the thought leaders behind our commentaries and operations.

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