• Wall Street is in the business of generating fees for Wall Street. Period. It’s not in the business of getting good investment results. You have to be separate from Wall Street to do that.

    Michael F. Price

About Iron Capital

Iron Capital Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm headquartered in Atlanta,
GA. Founded in 2003 by Charles Osborne and Larry Gray, Iron Capital Advisors is truly independent and fully
transparent. Charles and Larry envisioned a firm that would provide institutional, corporate and individual
clients with direct access to expert investment counsel, and that would do so with trust and service at
its core. We are proud to say that describes Iron Capital today.

At Iron Capital you will find experienced investment management professionals with a shared commitment to
excellence and a true passion for investing. Trained investment professionals at our firm handle all investment
decisions, eliminating the myriad conflicts of interest and layers of fees that often erode clients’ returns elsewhere. And because Iron Capital makes investment decisions directly, we can move swiftly and strategically to adjust client portfolios to capitalize on market conditions.

We accept a fiduciary relationship with all clients, ensuring we have not only an ethical but also a legal
obligation to act in our clients’ best interest. We have further aligned our interests with our clients’ interests
by investing our personal assets alongside those of our clients’, so we ‘eat our own cooking.’ We win only when our clients win.