• The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

    Philip Arthur Fisher


Providing customized investment counsel to institutional, corporate and individual clients nationwide.

All great investors end up doing the same thing: they build portfolios of great companies bought at low prices, and they hold those companies for a long time. We are owners of companies, not traders of stocks. We look for great companies that show sustainable growth, high returns on invested capital, and have strong balance sheets. We buy those companies at opportunistic prices and we hold them for long periods of time. When the need arises to use outside managers through mutual funds, we look for managers who also believe in owning companies, who have low turnover and low expenses. We believe that the market is basically efficient, but that the extreme short-termism of Wall Street can lead to extraordinary returns for those who are willing to be patient.

Investment success is an elusive goal for most investors. To give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your investment goals, you must adhere to a disciplined process. The professionals at Iron Capital guide each client through the investment process step by step with the same discipline and care we provide to our institutional clients.