• The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.

    John Maynard Keynes

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The Iron Capital Blog: Perspective

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  • Iron Capital Perspectives
  • November 14, 2019
  • Chuck Osborne


Americans are rightly concerned with inequality. The strange omission in all of this is the lack of curiosity about what causes inequality.

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  • Iron Capital Perspectives
  • September 11, 2019
  • Chuck Osborne


It is easy to have integrity in theory; it is a little harder when we demand it in practice. Of course, most would laugh at the idea of discussing integrity and politics in the same post, but here I go…

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  • Iron Capital Perspectives
  • February 26, 2019
  • Chuck Osborne

Concrete Jungle Not Rain Forest

When the enemies of capitalism point to deals like Amazon’s as an example of what is wrong today they are half right. The problem is that they don’t seem to understand it is the high tax policies that they support that lead to deals like this being made.

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  • Iron Capital Perspectives
  • December 5, 2018
  • Chuck Osborne

The Last Presidential President

This week began with the sad news of the passing of President George H.W. Bush. Whenever a former U.S. President passes, it brings back memories from his time in office. When I think back to the first Bush presidency, the one thing I really miss is having a president who was actually presidential. He wasn’t…

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  • Iron Capital Perspectives
  • November 15, 2018
  • Chuck Osborne

Great Minds

There is an old saying, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” It is often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, although there is no evidence that she ever said it. It is on a plaque in my house because it was one of my mother-in-law’s favorite sayings. I thought about…